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AdminIT Staff
Facility Management (FM)Directors, PaNOSC stakeholders (requiring metrics, usage, KPI...)
Instrument ResponsibleScientist in charge of an instrument
Intra-Facility Coordinator (IFC)Coordinates the integration of different facilities into the PaNOSC data analysis cluster
Open Access User (OAU)Public member wanting to analyse open data (typically with an affiliation to a research institute or university)
Proposal Team Member (PTM)External user and Instrument Responsible
ScientistRegroups Proposal Team Member and Open Access User

Use priority s for suspended items -- are not critical now and need to be considered further.

Scientific Use Cases

Accessing and searching for data

1PTMI need to log into the portal using my institute credentials
2ScientistI want to be able to find data to analyse for an experiment at a given institute
1Why regroup OAU and PTM? Suggest to remove.
3PTMI want to access my experimental data
4OAUI do not belong to an institute but want to log in to analyse open dataAAI will be provided by the work done in WP62
5ScientistI want to explore/search for public analysis results
10not defined how to treat analysis data
6PTMI would like to know who has accessed my experimental data
swhat about anonymous access? GDPR issues?
7IRI would like to know who has accessed data for my instrument
swhat about anonymous access? GDPR issues?
8PTMI would like to know when a data file has been modified or created for my proposalMaintain a history of modifications10

Machine management

1ScientistI would like to request a machine that is capable of analysing the data.The machine is created and presented to the user→ remote desktop presented to user→ the experimental data is mapped to the machine1
2ScientistI want to be able to extend the lifetime of my machine
3ScientistI want to be informed when a machine is going to be suspended and archived
4ScientistWhen I disconnect and then connect back to the machine I want the machine state to be preserved from the previous session
2What does 'disconnect' mean here?
5ScientistI would prefer not to log in again to the remote machine after creating it.
6ScientistI would like to request custom resources (CPU, Mem, etc) for my analysis machine
7PTMI want to be informed when a machine has been created to analyse my data (even if created by someone else)
sdata protection?
8ScientistI would like to request a Jupyter notebook from which I can manually analyse the data.Notebook server created , user sees file structure of data set (if notebooks are there, they can be opened)1

Analysing data

1ScientistI would like the data to be mounted to the file system on the machine
2ScientistI would like to have software (applications and libraries) available to analyse the datainstall any software system proposes software relevant to the datascientist (or other user) proposes software1
3ScientistI need to store the results of the analysisShould be downloadable.1
4ScientistI would like to request new software to analyse my data
smanual process
5ScientistI want to submit a job to a compute cluster (parallel processing cluster for example)
3redirect to local HPC
6ScientistI want to install software that is not available in the software repositories (or proposed by the system)
sout of scope/manual
7ScientistI want to know if analysis is already in progress for the same proposal
8ScientistI want to be able to analyse data from 10 years ago. I need the system and software to be capable or reading and analysing the data files from this period
9ScientistI would like to have software proposed to me to analyse data for my proposal


1ScientistI want to be able to collaborate with a colleague to analyse data togetherScreen sharing Remote Desktop6
2ScientistWhile collaborating in a data analysis remote desktop session I would like to take control of the analysis (keyboard and mouse input)
3PTMI would like to invite someone to collaborate on data analysis who is not part of the proposal teamGrant accesssshould be done at each facility and then propagate automatically?
4ScientistI would like to request to participate in the data analysis collaboration but I am not part of the proposal teamRequest accesssshould be done through facility hosting the data set
5OAUI want to be able to contact (email) the proposal team about their data or published resultsDisplay Orcid instead?3

Recording/playback of data analysis

1ScientistI have finished analysing my data and I want make my process and results discoverableHow? Generate DOI? Pushed to metadata catalogue? Landing page? Search engines?sManual process
2ScientistI would like to know which Jupyter notebooks have been used for a particular proposal (associate it to the proposal with the data catalogue)
3ScientistI want to see the analysis (process and results) made by somebody else on data I can accesshistorical analysis, historical datafrom an analysis DOI? (machine, data, environment)replay?4
4ScientistI would like to know what Remote Desktop analysis has been performed on a particular dataset previously and by whom
5ScientistI want to see the analysis performed on a particular dataset (eg watch a video or follow analysis actions)
6ScientistI want to be able annotate my analysis recording so that somebody can follow more easily what I have done or jump to a particular step in the analysisAdd video editing techniques to add text/links to specific parts of the video. Show a timeline of video segments.5
7ScientistI want to be able to record my voice while recording analysis processes
8ScientistI want to follow the previous analysis performed on a particular dataset and then modify the actions or analysis parametersnice to have!5


1ScientistI want to know how much quota I have remaining
2ScientistI want to be able to increase my quota
3Instrument responsibleI want to increase someone's quota
4OAUI want to be able to buy credits to increase my quota in order to access analysis machines
sout of scope


1ScientistI require help using my machine and require support staff / local contact to guide me.Support staff can access the running machine (like a collaborator) and take controlsPaNOSC has no resources for such support staff
2ScientistI want to find data analysis examples and tutorialsLink to WP82

Administrative Use Cases

1AdminI need to be able to deploy updates with minimal down timeeg new web servers, new code release3
2AdminI need to be able to manually scale the compute resources when necessary (directly on the compute infrastructure)ie increasing/decreasing the resources for a given machine (nodes)suse local infrastructure tools
3AdminI need to block users due to abuse
4AdminI want to monitor all activity (resources being used, number of connections) over all machines and on a particular machineDashboard overview and details on particular machinessuse local technology first
5AdminI want to see the machines states (active, suspended, archived, deleted (soft & hard)…) of all machines created
6AdminI need to notify users that we will take analysis resources offlineEg for maintenance or updates. Give notification time (eg 1 day, 1 hour…)5only needed for public release
7AdminI want to be able to add and manage system images (ie distros, compute resources)
8AdminI want to manage quotaseg limit cpu and memory per user, use tokens system4
9AdminI want to manage user roleseg admin1
10AdminI want to see what is happening on a Remote Desktop in case of abuseConnect to RD5
11AdminI want machines to be automatically archived after a given number of days after their creation.
sout of scope
12AdminI want to restore a machine that has been archived
sout of scope
13AdminI want to be able to see analysis resources/state for all other facilities
14AdminI want to be able to specify and build a remote desktopeg specify a container software and hardware requirements4
15AdminI want to be able to specify and build a jupyter environmenteg binderhub/repo2docker?3

FM and IFC Use Cases

1FacilityI want to see how many resources have been used during a given period (eg number of machines created, CPU hours, DOIs minted)KPIs5
2IFCAnother institute wants to participate in Data Analysis as a Service. I would like to add another facility to the service providers
sWill be a manual process?
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